Our Birthstone Earrings Collection!

Our Birthstone Earrings Collection!

How do you define the perfect gift?

One that is personal, genuine, and gifted from the heart? One that looks good and feels great to wear? Our beautiful, birthstone huggies are a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, one that they will cherish. 

Today we’re going to be introducing our brand new birthstone earrings, with gorgeous pairs that represent the month that you were born. Read ahead for the perfect gift inspo, or beautiful jewellery to treat yourself with… 

January - Rose Quartz 

This alternative birthstone for January is believed to open the heart, enhance friendships and boost self love! The delicate pink colour will add a meaningful touch to your overall look. 

February - Amethyst 

Fostering luck, wittiness and health, Amethyst is believed to help the mind flow and enhance your inner wisdom. Increase your inner strength by wearing this gorgeous deep purple stone. 

March - Aquamarine 

The gem of the sea, this birthstone is a great soother, helping to restore calm to the wearer. Bringing happiness and understanding, this natural stone adds great meaning to any look. 

April - Iolite 

Iolite is not a traditional birthstone, yet is an alternative choice for April due to its connection as a powerful stone for the Aries zodiac (March 21st to April 19th). It is also believed to bring clear intuition and insights, known as the stone of inner vision and wisdom. 


May - Aventurine 

Traditionally, this stone is associated with May due to its connection to the Taurus zodiac (April 20th to May 20th). This alternative birthstone is believed to bring optimism, hope and increasing motivation. 

June - Moonstone 

Known as the travellers stone, this alternative birthstone is believed to help you navigate through life’s journeys, representing new beginnings and bringing great luck.

July - Carnelian 

This alternative birthstone for July is Carnelian, the motivation stone. With properties of motivation and endurance, this stone is believed to boost vitality and give you courage in life. 


August - Tiger’s Eye 

Be bold with Tiger's Eye - this stone is believed to offer you the courage of a tiger, giving you the strength and confidence to fulfil your goals and dreams. 

September - Lapis 

A traditional birthstone of September, this stone is known as the stone of truth and friendship. It also symbolises wisdom, believing to promote self awareness and enhance harmony. 

October - Tourmaline 

Fostering feelings of purity, hope and health, this stone is said to be a gemstone of compassion. It is also believed to encourage an influx of love, and self-love. 

November - Citrine

Energise every level of life with Citrine, a gemstone that is believed to bring bright sunshine energy, enthusiasm, healing and happiness. 

December - Turquoise 

This stone of protection is also regarded as a love charm, for balancing the body and encouraging inner healing. It is a symbol of good fortune and success, protecting the wearer from harm. 

Who will you be gifting these gorgeous birthstone huggies to? 

That concludes our birthstone collection introduction! If you want a completely personal look, don’t forget to look into our Zodiac collection. The beauty of jewellery is creating stunning looks that are connected and personal to you.

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